Intermedia Group Inc. Service Rates

effective: 3/01/2018

Technician Rates
Workstation Maintenance / Troubleshooting Regular Response * $108.55/hr
Network Wiring / Troubleshooting Emergency Response ** $158.55/hr
Weekends & Holidays $209.35/hr
Administrator Rates
Server Maintenance / Troubleshooting Regular Response * $158.55/hr
Backup Administration Emergency 4hr Response ** $209.35/hr
Database / Network Administration (hardware / software) Weekends & Holidays $265.15/hr

An additional emergency service fee of $225.00 will be billed per incident along with any travel and materials if applicable

Note: All rates are billed in 1/4 hour increments and do not include materials or travel charges.

* Normal Business Hours 8:00am to 5:00pm EST

** Normal Business Hours and all week nights

Trip Charges Distance Rate Per Call
Zone 1 10 miles $75.00
Zone 2 25 miles $115.00
Zone 3 50 miles $225.00
Zone 4 50 miles and more $335.00 Plus Time and Expense