This support level agreement applies to all computer systems support for all IT hardware, software, and hosted services that are set up or maintained by Intermedia Group Inc., as well as support in the terms of management and/or coordination of all IT hardware, software, and hosted services that were not installed or is not maintained by Intermedia Group Inc. but specifically requested by the customer in writing.

Hours of Operation:

The Intermedia Group Incorporated Service Desk is staffed Monday through Friday, nine hours a day (8:00am to 5:00pm EST) and can be reached by email at or by phone at 610-280-3505. All other days and times including major holidays are considered after hours operation.

Authorized Personnel:

Only personnel specified by the customer’s management staff will be authorized to place support requests. Authorization can happen when customer first engages with Intermedia Group Inc. for support or during the course of an issue. Intermedia Group maintains a list of authorized personnel that should be kept current by the customer at all times. Any personnel of the customer who is requesting service that is not on the list will be provided with communication and basic advice until proper authorization from management can be obtained.

Response Procedure:

The response procedure varies depending on how the problem is classified. There are two classifications; Non-Mission Critical and Mission Critical at two different times; during regular hours and after hours. The first response is the same for both classifications in each time frame. A technician will first attempt to resolve the problem remotely without the need for an on-site visit; however an on-site visit may be required after the initial investigation of the problem.

Non-mission critical situations are defined as situations that are not vital to the immediate completion of a single task where other systems are available for use. This includes issues, such as an offline workstation, offline workstation printer (where other printers are present), remote user issues, and automatic backup issues etc..

Mission critical situations are defined as causing major, widespread disruption of office activities, such as an offline server, general network outage, e-mail server outage, office wide virus activity, or loss of printing capabilities from all user workstations. Any unscheduled support provided after hours as described above qualifies as emergency support unless confirmed in writing prior to the event.

For instructions on submitting a service request; Non-Mission Critical and or Mission Critical, during regular hours and after hours, please refer to the procedures described in the Placing A Service Call section of our website.