Investment Consulting

A key success factor in accomplishing the strategic and operational goals of an investment is the adequacy of its technological base. Intermedia Group Inc. employs professionals that provide investors with the necessary resources to evaluate the technology assets of acquisitions by offering the following services:

  • Site Evaluations (pre-acquisition or post-acquisition)
    • Our experienced team can go into a potential location and inventory all of its PCs, servers, peripherals, networking, etc. and provide you with a comprehensive report listing our recommendations, so that you will gain an understanding of the location’s technology hardware position and will not have any surprise hardware replacement costs once the acquisition is completed.
  • Corporate Technology Infrastructure Evaluation
    • Similar to a Site Evaluation but with a company-wide scope; we will have our engineers look at the following:
      • What platforms are you using for radiography and practice management?
      • How well will these platforms scale to allow you to sustain the growth you are planning for?
      • How are all your offices communicating with each other?
      • Do you host your data yourself?  If so, what level of fault-tolerance and disaster recovery preparedness does your organization have?
  • CIO Services
  • Technology Consolidation
    • Practice Management and Imaging Conversions
    • Inter-office file sharing-communication
    • Company-wide email consolidation and migration

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